Kevin and Barb Robinson


Kevin (aka KR) and his wife Barbara are your definition of true blue Aussies who would give you the shirt off their back. They have a 1985 Mazda school bus parked in their driveway with a hand painted map of Flinders on the back window and a big map of Australia in the shed with all of the places they have visited over the years. KR was born on the Island and they moved back in 1982. Since then, they have been developing their garden into a masterpiece. Not afraid to trial new things, KR is growing great quality seasonal produce as well as some niche products such as avocados, spaghetti squash and even pineapples.

It will come down to what is in season, however without a doubt it is always fresh and good quality. Dropping in and checking out what is in the boxes at the end of the driveway or seeing KR in the garden is always such a rewarding experience.