Brymworth Farm

Flinders Island Organic Purple Garlic

Brymworth Farm is located just north of Emita on the west coast of Flinders Island. It is a small family farm owned by Mark and Sophie Pitchford. The inspiration of growing organic garlic stemmed from the Wild Elephant Garlic that grows so profusely here on the Island. Motivated by the desire to be self-sufficient, Brymworth Farm has evolved into a viable business built up over the last eleven years.

Brymworth Farm is well known for its Flinders Island Purple Garlic. Whilst there have been other varieties grown over the years, one of the garlic; that never lets us down is the purple and has proven to be the most popular variety with the local customers.

Brymworth Farm grew a trial plot of capers in 2017. The crop will be extended in 2018 with the addition of another 60 plants. Mark & Sophie look forward to nurturing the plants over the next few years in order to bring a beautiful caper product to the market. In addition to the capers they have extended the farming operations over the last few years by acquiring two more farms, which run about 4000 merinos. Whilst life is extremely busy for the Pitchford’s, they are very blessed to be following their dreams as a family living in a magical part of the world.