Butterfactory Boys


The Butterfactory down Butterfactory Road certainly takes you back in time. The Flinders Island Cheese, Butter and Bacon Factory Limited (aka the Butterfactory) was established in 1922 to make Flinders Island butter that was exported to England. The company, after several changes of name, wound up commercial operations in 1974. At this stage dairy farms were no longer a viable business from which a farmer could make a living. The property which included the factory building, then had a couple of owners before the Butterfactory Boys purchased it in 1989. The Butterfactory Boys include Jim Murphy, Matt Dillion, Andrew Hickinbotham, David Dixon, Ian Walters, David Hope and John Dixon. The guys aim is to preserve the factory so people can see what it was like to make fine quality butter for export in the mid nineteen hundreds. The Butterfactory is also a lively place to hang out with regular jam sessions, one night they had up to 32 people staying and making the most of their seriously fun hospitality.

If the boys are around they are the most welcoming crew in town. They have about 3 acres of grapes with this year’s drop being bottled in early December. There will be 400 litres each of Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Cab Merlot. The wine is excellent, just like their personalities!