The way food was grown before mass production and chemical interference.


Corporate & Incentive Events

Let us organise your next small corporate event in Tasmania. Enjoy a scenic flight, long lunch and your chance to explore Flinders Island for groups of up to 35. We work closely with the airline providers, so please contact us for an all inclusive quote.

Executive Retreat

With a large table with seating for groups of 35 or less, we can provide you with an area for executive meetings, training and strategy development. All while enjoying a scenic flight and long lunch. We work closely with the airline providers, so please contact us for an all inclusive quote.

Special Occasion

Celebrate your next special occasion with friends and family. Whether it is an engagement party, surprise birthday or elopement location, we can organise a private flight, luncheon and scenic tour of the stunning Flinders Island. We work closely with the airline providers, so please contact us for an all inclusive quote.


James Viles and Ryan Kovac
James Viles and Ryan Kovac20th, 21th and 22th of September 2019
We’re bringing Bertha’s Meats to The Flinders Wharf from Friday 20th of September to Sunday 22nd of September. Flinders Island is one of the most unique and untouched places on the planet and it’s less than an hours flight from Melbourne (fly direct from Essendon Airport with @sharpairlines). Seats throughout the weekend are strictly limited so we highly recommend booking your table by emailing We can’t wait to see chefs James Viles and Ryan Kovac work their magic with our beautiful Flinders Island produce.
Matt Breen and Max Sharrad
Matt Breen and Max Sharrad25th, 26th and 27th of October 2019
October 25th to the 27th will see Hobart-based chef Matt Breen (Templo) and Adelaide-based Max Sharrad (Nido Pasta Bar) descend on Flinders Island with their fresh take on traditional Italian cuisine. Breen recently opened his second venue in Hobart, Sonny and Sharrad was recently named Young Chef of The Year in the 2018 Appetite for Excellence Awards.
Luke Burgess and Adam James
Luke Burgess and Adam James29th, 30th of November and the 1st of December 2019
The Flinders Wharf is proud to present the second incarnation of their Visiting Chef Series, ‘On-Island Time’. Guest chefs are invited across in pairs, providing an opportunity for two industry professionals to connect and work together in a truly unique environment. Chefs spend four-days exploring the island, diving, foraging, hunting and meeting producers before setting up shop at The Wharf (as locals refer to it) and serving up their own menu for a weekend. The final guests’ chefs for 2019 will be Luke Burgess (ex Garagistes) and fermentation master Adam James (Rough Rice) from Friday, 29th of November to the 1st of December. Good friends for over twelve years, Burgess and James are looking forward to developing their own culinary take on Flinders Island produce, drawing on James’s immense knowledge of the ancient technique of fermentation and Luke’s cooking style that is responsible for putting Tasmania on the map for fine dining.
Matt Stone and Paul Iskov
Matt Stone and Paul Iskov9th, 10th and 11th of January
Co-executive chef of Oakridge Wines, Matt Stone and Western Australian Chef, Paul Iskov from Fervor Foods. Matt has visited Flinders Island for the last two years running as part of the Flinders Island food & Crayfish Festival and he is excited to show Paul around one of his favourite places on earth.
Massimo Mele and Matt Adams
Massimo Mele and Matt Adams 14th, 15th and 16th of February
Tasmanian chefs, Massimo Mele of Grain of the Silos and Matt Adams of Timbre will join forces on Flinders. While Massimo and Matt both have a distinctly different approach to cooking, with Massimo drawing inspiration from his Italian roots and Matt leaning more towards a modern Australian style, both chefs have earned a reputation for their dedication to supporting small-scale Tasmanian producers.  We can’t wait to see what they cook up with our stunning island produce!
Jo Barrett and Analiese Gregory
Jo Barrett and Analiese Gregory 28th, 29th of February and 1st of March
Acclaimed chefs and friends, Analiese Gregory (Franklin) and Jo Barrett (Oakridge) will descend on the island just in time for the end of the crayfish season. Both keen divers, Analiese and Jo are excited to discover the island’s abundant seafood first-hand as well as work with local fishermen and producers to feature these beautiful ingredients on their weekend menu.