The build and design of the Flinders Wharf was a mix of collaboration by very clever people. Tom and I would like to thank

Shaun Moore Construction & Team (Builders from East Coast)

Josh Woolcock (Fabricator from Associated Welding)

Marcel Ainstee (Joinery from A2 kitchens)

Emily Fitzgerald (Emily Designs in Melbourne)

Alison Shillington (Floral)

Mick and Mel Sheriff (Furneaux Concrete and Purple Swamphen)

John Siermicki (Bee hive)

Jordon Castle (Cattle Electrician)

‘Blinky’ Gary Blenkenhorn (Plumber)

Cameron Grace (Earthworks)

Claus (on Island Fabrication)

Sam Edmunds (Sail)

Rob & Libby (Landscaping)

Tom (husband completing a lot of the fit out)